One-Day Room Makeovers

If you are a homeowner who likes to see immediate results, a One-Day Room Makeover may be just what you are looking for! Inside Out Homescaping can rejuvenate a room that has a tired décor or that isn’t as functional as it should be or that no longer suits your lifestyle. We always use your own personal style, furniture, artwork and accessories as the starting point, and may suggest some new pieces as additions or replacements.

The process for a One-Day Room Makeover includes:

  • An initial one-hour design consultation to evaluate the room you would like updated
  • A review of other existing furniture and accessories in your home that could be used differently
  • If anything new is recommended, shopping can be completed locally in advance of “makeover day”
  • On the date of your scheduled room makeover, we arrive in the morning to start the transformation
  • Just like on TV – when the makeover is complete, you come in for the BIG REVEAL of your new room!

Benefits of a One-Day Room Makeover:

  • It’s a great way to refresh a room that has been in the same configuration for years
  • It eliminates the stress of trying to redesign the space on your own
  • We save you time by doing the work for you, both in advance and on the day of the makeover
  • It creates rooms that look better, function better and flow better to fit your lifestyle

Room makeover prices start at $250 for small spaces and $600 for larger rooms, plus any new items purchased. Detailed estimates based on actual requirements will be provided at the initial consultation.