Design Consultations

While Home Staging focuses on appealing to a broad set of prospective buyers by depersonalizing your space and using lots of neutral colours, Home Redesign is about expressing your own unique personal style, leveraging your existing furnishings & accessories, and rejuvenating your interior or exterior spaces with new paint colours, furniture, artwork & accessories. At Inside Out Homescaping, we work with you to ensure you LOVE the home you live in!

All projects begin with an initial 2-hour design consultation with a focus on only one or two rooms. Furniture options and layout, paint colours, window treatments and more are suggested on-the-spot.

For some clients, this initial design consultation provides the confidence in a design plan that they feel comfortable implementing on their own.

Other clients may decide to continue working with Inside Out Homescaping to help create a customized space, leveraging additional design services and expertise, as well as access to wholesale price discounts with select suppliers.

Your design consultation will include:

  • A proven, thorough, step-by-step system for decorating or redesigning any room in your home
  • Application of core design principles including function, focus, harmony, balance, rhythm & scale
  • Room analysis & suggestions for space optimization
  • Paint colour consultation & recommendations
  • Using your existing furnishings & accessories as a starting point
  • Ideas and suggestions for new, on-trend furniture, lighting, artwork & accessories

Cost: $250 + HST